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From checking in, to duty free to special requests, this information should give you a good idea of what you need to consider when travelling.

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Checking In

International Flights
We recommend you allow 3 hours to check-in at the airport.  Due to increased security in most airports, check-in and security checks are taking an increasingly longer time to process.

International flights require passport identification on all flights.  Please make sure that your passport is valid well in advance of your departure date. 

On completion of check-in, fill in the airport departure card for each traveller. Departure cards are available from the check-in counter and other points near the departure gates.

Domestic New Zealand Flights
For domestic flights, check in for must be completed 30 minutes prior to departure.  If you will be connecting to an international flight then you will need to be checked in 1 hour before departure. 

Please remember to carry sufficient ID on you for all flights.  Domestic flights now often require photo ID such as a drivers licence or passport. 

Express Check-in
ExpressCheck is a self service check-in kiosk which is the quickest way to get your boarding pass for domestic passengers using electronic tickets.  These are located in the check-in areas of a range of New Zealand airports.

Simply identify yourself by inserting your Frequent Flyer card, Qantas Club card, Velocity member card, Airpoints card, Koru Club card or personal credit card.  Follow the instructions ot select your flight & seat preferance. If you have luggage, you then need to proceed to the Bag Drop counter where your bar will be prompltly processed.

Duty Free
Each country has different allowances for the amount of alcohol, tobacco, and fragrances permitted into the country per person. When returning to New Zealand your Duty Free liquor and tobacco allowance is:

• 3 x spirits* 
• 200 cigarettes or 250g tobacco 
• 4.5 litres champagne, wine, port, sherry or beer

*Providing you are 17 years and over (must be 18 years to purchase liquor and tobacco in New Zealand). Maximum allowance is 3 bottles or other containers not exceeding 1125ml. Please see staff for more information.

Please check out JR Duty Free for further information

Security / Customs

Security has increased in most international airports since the September 11 attack. 

You may be asked to show your bag contents to customs workers so be aware that this can slow your transit progress down. It is best to be as cooperative as possible - you're liable to face strict penalties if you don't.

Find out about the regulations/restrictions for taking pets, plants and food through customs, and also any taxes you may be liable to pay. You will probably be able find out about these via the embassies, or they will at least be able to point you in the right direction.

Returning to New Zealand
As a rule you probably won't be able to bring the following items back home so it's best not to buy them:
• Live animals and animal products
• Meat products and eggs
• Live plant material, including seeds (without correct documentation)
• Fresh fruit and vegetables
• Products made from endangered species

Amnesty bins are provided at international airports for the safe disposal of any prohibited or restricted goods. Remember, if in doubt ask a quarantine officer or declare it on the Quarantine Declaration form given to you upon your arrival into New Zealand.

Comprehensive advice is available for travellers on the New Zealand Customs Service website

Excess Baggage

Airlines may carry amounts of baggage in excess of the free allowance at an excess baggage charge. This varies depending on where you are travelling to but the usual restriction is up to 20kg per person.

To avoid this, passengers travelling together may choose to check-in together and  pool their free baggage allowances. 

As a rough guide, the normal free baggage allowance is:
First Class 40 kg
Business Class 30 kg
Economy Class 20 kg

Please note that this is a guide only, please check your airline for specific allowances.

Children are generally entitled to the same free baggage allowance as adult passengers. Infants not entitled to a seat are only allowed one fully collapsible stroller or pushchair


Special Baggage
Oversized items such as bicycles and surfboards will generally be accepted on flights subject to availability of space.  Please check with your airline in advance.

Fragile luggage is required to be carefully wrapped in packaging suitable for shipping.  Clearly mark your luggage as fragile and advise the staff at teh check-in counter.  Airlines may not be liable for any loss or damage to these items so make sure you have relevant travel insurance.



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