Airline Information

Airline Information

Read through our extensive airline information to find the airline which best suits your needs.

Choose to fly on the more familiar airlines such as Air New Zealand, Jetstar, or Qantas or try a different airline like Malaysia Airlines or China Airlines.

To help you get an idea of the airlines you can choose to fly with, we've compiled some details on flight services and general information on each airline.

You can select these airlines and book flights online to House of Travel Online's 100+ destinations, including flights to the Pacific Islands, flights to Australia, flights to Asia, flights to the UK &  Europe, flights to the USA and flights to Africa. To book, just use our mixandmatch Search Tool on the right hand side of this page.

Find out everything you need to know about the Airline that would best suit you below:

 •  Aer Lingus  •  Aircalin  •  Fiji Airways
 •  Air China  •  Air New Zealand  •  Alaska Airlines
 •  Air Tahiti Nui  •  Air Vanuatu  •  bmi
 •  American Airlines  •  Asiana Airlines  •  China Airlines
 •  British Airways  •  Air Asia X  •  China Southern Airlines
 •  China Eastern  •  Cathay Pacific  •  Emirates
 •  Delta Airlines  •  Dragonair  •  Hawaiian Airlines
 •  Etihad  •  Japan Airlines •  Jetstar
 •  KLM Royal Dutch Airlines  •  Korean Air  •  LAN
 •  Lufthansa  •  Malaysia Airlines  •  Sounds Air
 •  Qantas  •  Qatar Airways  •  United Airlines
 •  Silk Air  •  Singapore Airlines  •  Virgin Atlantic
 •  South African Airways  •  Thai Airways
 •  US Airways  •  Virgin Australia


What our Facebook community has to say about our favourite airlines:
"Emirates = awesome! Love them!"
"Absolutely loved Singapore Airlines. Very impressed with their service etc. They are top of my list."
"Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines and Air Tahiti Nui were all awesome!"
"Air Newzealand is great and so is Qantas"
"Singapore Airlines - definitely the best by far, specially when travelling with children to Europe."
"Thai Airlines are amazing! Great service and the food is amazing!"

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