Tahiti Weddings 

Vibrant tradition and romance

 Tahiti wedding ceremony

Tahiti is an extremely picturesque destination with vivid turquoise and azure ocean palettes, warm white sand beaches, lush green forests and splashes of vibrant colourful gardens offering amazing wedding locations with beautiful backdrops that will forever hold a special place in your memories. Long recognized as one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the world, overseas visitors are now also able to get legally married in French Polynesia by way of a civil ceremony conducted at a local city hall.

The traditional Tahitian wedding ceremonies are filled with music, singing and dancing and set in beautiful tropical surroundings. Enjoy a dream wedding and already be in the best destination for the ultimate honeymoon.

Tahiti Weddings Legal Requirements

• Marriage ceremony must be publicly solemnised in the Town Hall in the presence of a sworn translator
• Both spouses must be single, widowed or divorced, be of opposite sex, be 18 years of age or more, not be related
• Two witnesses and four or more people aged at least 18 years of age must be present
• Must submit an application file at least one month before publication of the banns in chosen commune for marriage ceremony.
The following documents must be attached: 
                • A copy of Certificate of Birth; 
                • A letter signed & dated by the couple to the Mayor specifying the ceremony date; copy of passports including copy of the visa-show proof of Citizenship (dual nationality is acceptable except in the case of French citizenship of one of the two spouses. In this situation, a minimum 1 month residency in French Polynesia prior to the wedding remains applicable); 
                • If widower/ widow, a Death Certificate; 
                • If divorced, a Final Decree of Divorce; 
                • A Custom Certificate & Certificate of Celibacy less than three months old stating that you are single (or divorced) & legally able to marry; 
                • All these documents must be fully translated into French by a sworn translator
• The banns must be published at the Town Hall the marriage ceremony is to take place for a period of 10 days. The marriage ceremony can take place from the 11th day. ie. one month & ten days after submitting the application 

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